Worship in Battle, Krav Maga

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King David was a Lokhem “Warrior” and worshiper of the God of Israel. He was a man after the heart of the Most High God. Like him, the ancient people of Israel were a nation of warriors. Abraham trained his household in combat. Jacob’s sons were masters of the sword. Deborah led Israel in battle. Our Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), is the Captain of the Hosts of The LORD. This class focuses on the blessings of defense that God gave to Israel, the supreme value of human life, and the additional blessing of health and fitness.

Coach Ron, who is a Certified Israeli Krav Maga Instructor and Warrior, gives a great workshop on the basics of Israeli Krav Maga. Coach Ron teaches the foundational skills at a moderate pace to prepare the beginning student for more intense standard Krav Maga training. Every Krav Maga class Ron teaches is not only a fight against anti-Semitism, but connects all believers with their roots and inheritance. This workshop is taught at a comfortable level, and will cater to the needs of the novice student with the God of Israel in a renewing of the mind.