Hanukkah and the Light of Mashiach

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Hanukkah and the Light of Mashiach provides a unique perspective on three important aspects of the Festival of Lights. The halacha of Hanukkah is full of distinct "flavors" which open a new dimension of practical observance from the pages of the Shulchan Aruch to the RAMBAM, in an easy and practical 21st century mindset. This chag (festival) is full of minhagim, or traditions, that will bring great light and joy to every household and place of worship. Lastly, the Messianic midrashim points the way to the coming of the Messiah and the redemption.

In these 
halachot, minhagim, and midrashim, Rabbi Dr. Rabbi Itzhak Shapira explores some of the customs, traditions, and secrets that will enrich your Hanukkah experience and transport it to another dimension.