Dance In The Bible

Dance In The Bible

Dance in Strongs

Dancing before the Lord is entirely scriptural and was practiced by King David when he brought the Ark of God into Jerusalem.  Psalm 149:3 declares “Let them praise his name in the dance.”  To help you understand that dancing before the Lord is entirely scriptural we have listed some of the Old Testament Hebrew words and some New Testament Greek words with their meaning.  Every entry contains the Hebrew or Greek word found in Strongs Exhaustive Concordance, Strong’s index number, the general definition and scriptures where the word is used, followed by the translated English word in each verse.

Old Testament Hebrew Words

elats (5970) – to jump for joy, le., exult
I Chronicles 16:32 let…rejoiceth                    Psalms 68:3 let them rejoice
Psalms 5:11 let…be joyful                               Proverbs 11:10 rejoiceth

ealaz (5937) – to jump for joy, le., exult
Psalms 68:4 and rejoice                                 Proverbs 23:16 ye shall rejoice
Psalms 28:7 therefore…greatly rejoice         Psalm 149:2 joyful
Psalms 96:12 Let…be joyful

giyl or guwl (1523) – to spin around (with violent or sudden motion)
Isaiah 65:19 and I will rejoice                         Psalms 48:11 let…be glad
Psalms 2:11 and rejoice                                  Psalms 149:2 let…be joyful
Joel 2:21, 23 be lgad                                        Zephaniah 3:17 He will joy

pazaz (6339) – to spring (as if separating the limbs)
II Samuel 6:16 to leap, be made strong

natbar (5425) – to jump, shake of, untie
Isaiah 58:6 to undo                                            Psalms 146:7looseth
II Samuel 22:33 and He maketh  (riddeth or looseth) Note: This word also means “to terrify”.  It carries the idea that the enemy is terrified by the rejoicing saints of God; and also denotes the thought that dancing before the Lord will cause a loosening or “shaking off” of fear, bondage, timidity.

Dalag(1801) – to spring
II Samuel 22:30 have I leaped                         Isaiah 35:6 shall…leap
Psalms 18:29 have I leaped                            Song of Songs 2:8 leaping

halijkah (1979) – walking in procession, march, caravan
Psalm68:24 They have seen thy goings        Proverbs 31:27 to the ways of

raqad (7540) – to stamp…ie, to spring about (wildly, for joy)
Psalms 114:4, 6 skipped                                 I Chronicles 13:29 dancing
Eccleasties 3:4 to dance                                 Psalms 29:6 He make them also to skip
Joel 2:5 they shall leap

Mechowlab (4246) – a dance
Exodus 15:20 and with dances                      I Samuel 15:6 and dancing
Judges 11:34 and with dances                       I Samuel 21:11 in dances

machowal (4234) a round dance
Psalms 30:11, 30:11, 12 into dancing           Jeremiah 31:4 in the dances of them
Psalms 150:4 and dance

karar (3769) – to dance…ie, whirl about
II Samuel  6:14 danced                                     II Samuel 5:16 and dancing

chagag (2287) – to move in a circle, ie., to march in sacred procession, to observe festival
I Samuel 30:16 and dancing

barak (1288) – to kneel, to bless God (as an act of adoration)
II Chronicles 16:4, 7 to thank                          Psalms 95:6 let us kneel
Psalms 34:1; 63:4, 134:3 to bless                Deuteronomy 28:3-6 Blessed

yadah (3034) – to use (hold out) the hand, to revere or worship with extended hand  (flourishing hands)
I Chronicles 16:4, 7 to thank                           Psalms 92:1 to give thanks
I Chronicles 16:35 that we give thanks         Psalms 142:7 that I may praise

towdah (8426) – an extension of the hand; adoration, avowal, a choir of worshipers
Leviticus 7:12, 13, 15 thanksgiving               Psalms 50:23 praise
Psalms 26:7 thanksgiving                              II Chronicles 23:31 thank offerings
Psalms 42:2 praise                                         Psalms 107:22; 116:17 Thanksgiving

tehillah (8416) -a hymn, praise
Psalm 100:4 Enter into His courts.  praise        Psalm 40:3 Praise to our God

Samach (8055) brighten up, glad, rejoice, joy
Psalm 96:11 Let the heavens rejoice            Psalm 122:1 I was glad when they said to me . . .

Rinah (8342) gladness, joy, rejoicing, welcome, songs
Isaiah 35:10 the ransomed shall return…with songs

New Testament Greek Words

agalliao (21) – jump for joy, exult, leap up
Matthew 5:12 be exceeding glad                I Peter 1:6 greatly rejoice
Luke 1:47 has rejoiced                                 I Peter 1:8 rejoice
Luke 10:27 rejoiced                                       I Peter 4:13 with exceeding joy

skirtao (4640) to jump
Luke 1:41 leaped                                            Luke 6:23 leap for joy

exallomai (1814) –  to spring forth
Acts 3:8 leaped up

hallomai (242 – to jump; figuratively to gush (as a fountain)
John 4:14 springing up                               Acts 14:10 leaped

choros (5525) – a ring, a round dance
Luke 15:25

orcheomai (3738) to dance in rank or regular motion
Matthew 11:17 have danced                     Matthew 14:6 danced
Luke 7:32 have danced                             Mark 6:22 danced